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fidget spinner for teachers

May 28, 2017

I have a complete and uncompromising dislike of fidget spinners. But THIS ONE I like.

a highly satisfactory afternoon!

May 14, 2017

This afternoon could not be improved. The book is a cracker!

call to arms!

May 14, 2017

You have no idea what you’re capable of until you are standing in that exact spot, faced with that exact decision, or looking at that exact opportunity.

Oh, I love working hard, and I’m annoyingly interested in life. But as for pushing myself out of my comfort zone? It’s so very easy to stay in the cocoon, and just inside the inside the lines.

I’ve done some extraordinary things in my life time when I’ve taken a leap of faith, but it always surprises me how easy it is to be comfortable, how easy it is to be alarmingly safe. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed, as the spirit finds strength in dreaming. Like a field in a fallow season, imagination, courage, and energy need to germinate and grow.

But there is a time for leaping as well…awkwardly, arms akimbo, legs flying, hair wild, eyes even more so! And leap you absolutely must to live. Because when we are pushed outside of our comfort zones in whatever way life dictates, we grow. So beautifully, and so essentially. It doesn’t have to be incredible and life-changing, it just has to mean that you are moving, one foot in front of the other.

And in those periods of intensive growth, everything looks different. How I wish I could pin this down more!

It all comes down to viewpoint, courage, and imagination:

A challenging student becomes a necessary and strengthening conversation, then bond, then seedling of change. 

The chance to speak changes from being a scary thing, to a chance to change viewpoints, and affect opinions. 

A choir rehearsal becomes a chance to energise a group of students who trust you, and to joyfully sing and be in a way they do not get to be in the classroom.

A composition becomes a story, a snippet of soul.

A book becomes a refuge, a ship of the imagination.

A conversation becomes a doorway, and a threading of trust and love. 

Everything looks different. Everything bursts and brims with possibility.

You have NO IDEA what you are capable of, and what resonance your words carry, until you put yourself in that exact spot of learning + leaping!

$45.60 on hot chocolate…and a little year 12 tlc

May 10, 2017

I spent $45.60 on hot chocolate today. 🤣

In fairness, it was not all for me. My Year 12 kiddies got a bit spoilt today. For some, it was all that kept them standing, post GIJ.

This was a cracker:

Miss Year 12 on the phone to another Year 12 kiddie: “Ms Kwok’s doing the Mama Kwokkie thing! Get your arse down here NOW, this doesn’t happen often!”


goodlife project: creed + credo

May 10, 2017

Love this. Goodlife project + the wonderful work that Jonathan Fields is doing has captured my attention. Heartfelt, poignant, inspiring, challenging, and thought-provoking interviews from the couch.

Hop on and have a listen!

nerdy first world problems

May 10, 2017

I reckon I stood under the shower this morning for a good 30 seconds before I realised I still had my glasses on. When you’re short-sighted + tired, it really doesn’t look that different. Until you start to lather up…! 😝

Generations in Jazz + parent-teacher interviews + 7:15am start for Grammarphones will do it. Week 2 is pulling out all stops. 

autumn’s done!

May 9, 2017

what’s the difference between good + great?

May 4, 2017 1 Comment

How come 2 teachers can say exactly the same thing, and one will have little or no effect, and the other will create ripples and inspire action?

What is it?

It’s love; students need to be loved. This can be hard-arse, or playful, connective, or simple. But they will know if they are seen, valued, and heard by you. Nice words don’t do it. You can say all the nice + inspiring words that you want, but that won’t affect change. It’s the resonance of you truly loving them for who they are, however you do it, that will affect change.

It’s seeing them; it’s calling BS when they are not giving what they can, extending themselves, fighting the good fight, being more. It’s seeing through the bravado and pain to the tenderness inside. It’s hearing one thing, and interpreting it as something very different. It’s unfurling their defences in a way only a teacher can; not a parent, not a friend, not a boyfriend or girlfriend, but a teacher.

It’s being an authentic role model; you can’t love students without being a good person yourself. When you sign up to be a teacher, you sign up for life. You model good values, vulnerability, how to rise up from failure, joy, optimism, hard-assery, determination, grit, love, tenderness, and everything in between. You model the marrow of life, in full colour, in your own way.

It’s been optimistic about life; about having an optimistic + realistic point of view. When you are living with hope and agency, your students might see the world and living a good life as “possible”, too.

Students hear your words, but they listen with their eyes and hearts. In so many ways, they are far wise than us, in their own haphazard and angsty way!

stem-less notes; welcome to year 12 musicianship

May 3, 2017

Sir Year 12 in Musicianship, whilst tackling a harmony paper: “Stemless 4-part vocal harmony. It’s like seedless watermelons, isn’t it?”

I naively thought they were called “semibreves”, but I’m happy to have my horizons broadened.