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That is all. Wonderful start to the day!

when ducks are more in a row than you are!

May 19, 2018

A bullying experiment that makes you think. Just look at the difference between those 2 plants.



Bullying Experiment

May 15, 2018 1 Comment

the most thoughtful…!

May 15, 2018

Miss Year 8: “Hey Ms Kwok, I went op-shop shopping over the weekend and Mum + I found this, so we got for you!”

My goodness! 😍

In absolute honesty, it’s not COMPLETELY me, but the fact that a one Miss Year 8 spent her hard earned dollars on something stupidly colourful in the most thoughtful + spontaneous way on behalf of me?!

That got me completely. Thank you, gorgeous kidlet. 😊


the shoe-deposit borrowing system

May 14, 2018

Sir Year 7: “Can I please borrow a set of headphones?”

Me: “Sure. Please give me a shoe.”

Sir Year 7: “A what?!”

Me: “A shoe.”

Sir Year 7: “You mean, like a SHOE shoe? Like, on my foot kind of shoe?!”

Me, internally: “What other type of SHOE is there?!”
Me, outwardly: “Yep!”

Sir Year 7: “Wow, it’s hardcore here at Pulteney, isn’t it?!”


And the thing about having brand new shiny Year 7s is that you get SEVERAL kiddies with the same size foot, and the same level of newness/scuffness to their shoes, so when it comes to actually collecting their shoes at the end…well, GOOD LUCK. 😝

Sir Year 7 No. 1: “Nah, that’s mine!”

Sir Year 7 No. 2: “No way! Mine’s newer-looking!”

Sir Year 7 No. 1: “Okay, well…does it smell like your shoe or mine?”


above all, be kind. you are one of many, worthy and loved.

May 13, 2018

Be outstanding, be fierce, be committed, be focused, be whatever crazy you want, but be connected + kind. And if kindness is not possible, then honest + respectful. You’re one of many, unique but the same.

please be tender + aware

May 13, 2018 3 Comments

Mothers Day is a day of joy, but a day of tenderness + grief for some.

Please be gentle on each other. While celebrating mothers of all kinds, be aware that some will long to be but cannot, or be grieving, angered by, anguished, torn apart and unsettled by what is essentially a commercial day for expressing love that should be happening EVERY day.

We, the ones who are hurting, do not want you to dim your joy in celebration or motherhood.

But today puts a spotlight upon a part of life that we live with on a daily basis in the most unkind and superficial way. Sometimes, the day goes fine. Other days, it’s a dull ache. Other days still, the power of our grief takes our breath away.

But still, we want you to live and honour your joy. Live it in full gratitude, in honour of all we do not, or cannot, have.


for the little people

May 13, 2018

#word *LOL*

let it flow! let it flow! (to the tune of frozen’s, “let it go!”)

May 12, 2018

“Let it flow! Let if flow! Can’t hold it back anymore!”