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January 13, 2015


Sounds of Christmas Concert. Conducting the 2009 Brighton Secondary School Treble Choir. Notice our colourful, sparkly hats on the ready for our choreographed number, “Pink Panther”. December 2009.


Because sometimes, you just need colour, and loads of it! 🙂

Colour is not everyone’s thing and if it’s a competition between colourful or neat, then neat wins out. But colour is such a JOY, such a vibrant thing to add to a classroom…and it’s such a simple way to celebrate each day. When I get ready each morning, my love of colour is a manifestation of my personality, but also a celebration of my role as a teacher. How? Taking the time to dress well says to your students, I care. I care about the role model I’m being to you, I care about your learning and the fact that you are in my class, I care about your value. In taking time in my dress (in the non-narcissistic sense!), I am respecting you + expecting the same from you.

I care.

And for me, the I care comes in extreme colourful conviction.


How on earth does an outfit say so much to students? I’m a subscriber to the idea that every little detail COUNTS – a small gesture, a word of kindness, a word of observation + truth which resonates, given with compassion. Arriving on time to class is in the same band of care, as well as choice of language, giving thanks, and acknowledgement.

Neat, tidy and professional…that’s plenty to get your message across.

Some of the most wonderful, charismatic teachers I know couldn’t care less about the amount of colour on their clothes, they are just neat, tidy + professional. And I remember my own teachers; there was a safety + care in their dress which contributed to how I felt as a student. It was part of the whole package.

There are days I over-do it; days where even I am overwhelmed by my own colourfulness, and I have an extreme tolerance for colour.

But the colour is never my first point of call. The first consideration for me is always setting a good example, letting my students know I am all there, ready to interact respectfully + joyfully with them. That they matter. That I matter. Getting that message across with colour, spots, stripes and all things bright is my modus operandi, my signature, my thang, my style…! It blinds sleep-deprived students into action, shocks conservatives into silence + energises me!

And when I have Year 10 guys critiquing my rainbow-sprinkle earrings against my pencil ones, and debating the virtues of my spotty stockings versus my colorful patterned ones, I can’t help but grin.

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