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my version of living life…circa May 2014

January 15, 2015

10888900_10152618006887309_5077350638349149051_nLive your life, she said. Okay, done. Easy. Tick that one off and away we go!

Live your life…I’m just getting to school on time in a brand new city, with a new train system I love but haven’t mastered!

Live your life…with a kitchen I don’t understand!


Here is what I think:

I do not need to know it all at once, or do it all at once…but I need to DO! I need to LIVE! And this all may begin with great struggle. Collect the magic moments like the most precious things on earth, hug them close, but not too tightly that they may not be able to breathe, or fly, whichever comes first. Say the courageous things that need to be said…the most loving, the most tender, the most authentic, the most ridiculous…the most beautiful.

Each day is so different if I take the time to look closely, at the unexpected nuances, filled to the brim with moments of magic hidden in struggle, joy hidden in frustration, Nutella hidden in Vegemite, and the whimsical hidden in the seemingly solid.

I do not need to do it all at once, or have all the answers, but I absolutely have the capacity to figure it out.

I just need to keep thinking…one tiny change of momentum at a time.

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