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the foil project of 2008

January 16, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe most epic of playful enterprises.

In July and August of 2008, I took 6 weeks off to do some personal travel combined with some personal development in choral work at Singspiration in Edmonton, Alberta, and at the 8th World Choral Symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This meant that I had to leave my desk, unattended, at Brighton Secondary School, for the duration of this trip. Being the lone female on staff in a team of seven, I knew this was going to be boy heaven for the remaining staff, so I thought I’d get in early…I decorated the office with boy paraphernalia and made a sign which said, “Welcome to the BBC…Brighton Boys Club”.

I arrived back home to the Brighton Boys dressed in suits, The Doc (Doctor William Hughes) dressed in casuals as he always wore suits, and my desk moved out into the passageway and marked “Testosterone-Free Zone” because there was NO WAY my desk could be in the Boy’s Zone!

I stayed out there for weeks until they took mercy on me and decided I could return!


So when two of my colleagues were summoned by the call of duty to head overseas on the 2008 Concert Band Trip to China, I knew I had to return the favour.

The following post is 2 weeks worth of work…the amazing, the fantabuous, the extraordinary FOIL PROJECT.


  • Time taken: 2 weeks of solid wrapping
  • Foil used: 500 square metres; half a kilometer of foil.
  • Staff involved: All the classroom + instrumental staff, plus parents, students and teaching staff of other subjects.
  • Donations: 8 additional rolls of foil
  • Archives: The Foil Project Diary…stay tuned.

Why? Because we care. Because it’s supremely funny! Can you being to imagine the effect this would have had on our students? Seeing teachers being playful and “caring” in this way?!


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