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tango of thirteen

January 18, 2015 , , , ,

Here is the premiere of “Tango of Thirteen”.

Choir: Young Adelaide Voices Senior Concert Choir

Conductor: Christie Anderson

Accompanist: Karl Geiger

Date: September 2011

Lyrics: Thirteen

Thirteen, the most feared of the teens

It’s a veritable minefield of innuendo and stormy seas

Thirteen, you know exactly what I mean

When I give warning ’bout the gale force winds and any number of clouds!

One treads so carefully

And still one may not see

The danger up ahead, it’s so tastefully hidden from view

When all is done and said!

Thirteen (Be afraid, be very, very afraid)

Yes it’s really quite obscene (Be afraid, be very, very afraid)

Seeing healthy children go underground without a sound, just a teenage *grunt* (Hold on, hold on, for life!)

Thirteen, you know exactly what this means

Your life will change in ways you never foresaw

Never could have seen before!


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