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courage, daring, and a little bit of magic…

January 23, 2015

10926237_10152687118102309_1226944690962704152_oI love all these! Loving the black + white, love the sentiment of each + how simple and accessible each quote is. The one the makes me grin is, “Playing it safe is dangerous”…I would totally love to say that to a Year 7 or 8 class when they are jumping into their first composition task. And the one which resonates with me right now is, “Creativity take courage”…every time I craft a new part of a composition, or write words which will eventually turn into lyrics, I keep asking myself for more…is there a better fit, a more resonant word or sound, or do I need to let the idea percolate?! It’s the slightly-on-the-edge scary moments of creation, the ones which are a little daring + vulnerable, which are the most meaningful.


Because there’s a sort of wonderful magic in being seen for exactly who you are in your creative work. Only you can say exactly what you need to say, in exactly the way that it is said.


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