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the ultimate classroom

January 28, 2015 , , , , , ,


What would your ultimate classroom look like?!

Every teacher has their dream classroom rolling around in their heads some place…space balls for every kid, padded walls, a throne in place of the broken wheelie chair out the front…perhaps a nice gold crown + a Nespresso machine hidden in a panel behind the pot plant…?


I have that ridiculous teacher brain which sees dream-classroom potential in everything. You would think a high school teacher would do this less than a primary school teacher, but nup, the instinct is just as bad!

During my epic travels last year, fondly known as The Great Adventure of 2014, I came across some really funky designs in bookshelves, studies + rooms across Europe, particularly in the cities where space is a wanted commodity. Actually, most of Western Europe is a walking advertisement for IKEA, but that’s a whole other story. Not that I have any problem whatsoever with everything looking IKEA-like as my house is like something out of their catalogues with the colour amped up to the max.

My question is this: if you could build your ultimate classroom, with unlimited budget + space to spare, what would YOU have in your classroom?

Here are some of the things on my dream list. Bear in mind I am a high school music teacher! But in so many ways, these ideas are even more essential for high school students…they would be in a place to engage in play, very healthy across all year levels, particularly in Year 10 where there is a distinct bell-curve in intelligence + information absorption which renders students in that year around the same level as a bright Year 1 class.

And everything on my list? I want them. They sound so cool!


The Ultimate Dream List:

  • Lego wall: Can you imagine sending that annoying Year 10 over to the wall and saying, “You’ve wasted 15 minutes of my time, now I’m going to get you to stand for 15 minutes on one leg of my choosing, and you have to construct pi out of lego pieces correct to 20 decimal points with your right hand on your head and by memory. Go!”
  • Pin board wall: To pin up all the successfully finished yard duties.
  • Chalk board wall: To outline the kids I’m later going to murder, so I have a template ready made for the floor.


Other cool possibilities:

  • Box of bubble wrap: Cheap and instant stress relief.
  • Unlimited supply of scratch + sniff stickers: For Year 12 Musicianship. It’s always the senior students who get ridiculously excited about stickers!
  • Beanbags
  • Open-plan classrooms: Just like the ones they are making at all the universities. The ones in Japan even have sleeping pods!
  • Lockers: Inside, accessible and with remote access. I don’t want to have to deal with another bloody combination lock gone cactus ever again.
  • TV installed in the ceiling: So that students could lie down and watch their (sometimes educational) YouTube video clips using the always-reliable school wi-fi.
  • Mobile phone storage bin: I imagine this looking like a ballot box, with the ability to identify a student at the end of the lesson and hand back their mobile. Via retina scan and blood type.
  • Ruler: Embedded into the doorway to measure height + skirt lengths.


What would be in your ultimate classroom?

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