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the words i didn’t remember…!

February 4, 2015 , , , ,


Students remember the darndest things. (I’ve always wanted to use that word!)

Reading the 700+ quotes meticulously + lovingly compiled by a quick-witted + conscientious Year 11 student, I was amazed at what the student body had collectively exhumed from an entire year of dialogue, what had stuck + I had long-forgotten, and what they had found memorable.

I featured in a respectable 23 out of the 700+ quotes, which included staff + student verbal gems, so many of which deserve “Hall of Fame” status in English conversation!

And I was reminded how powerful words are…

I remember…my music teacher in Reception who said I had a good musical ear…I asked for piano lessons for Christmas, she encouraged me to sing every time she saw me…I have been a special interest classroom music teacher for 11 years, a choral director, an accompanist, and composer.

I remember…the sting of my university piano lecturer saying to me, “Show me what you can do, not what you can’t!” and all of a sudden every sound was dulled, every note felt heavy, every phrase was impossible, and I was grounded without wings to fly in a language which usually made me soar.

I remember…my Grade 4 teacher saying I had great expression in my speaking + writing…I became a music teacher + choral conductor, need I say more?!

I remember…my Grade 6 teacher telling me that if I really wanted to write well, I needed to practise every day + I needed to read all the classics. Why? Because I had something valuable to say, but I wasn’t able to fully express it…English was my second language + I wasn’t able to say everything I needed to say without the strength of the written word to carry it. To this day, I am still an avid journaller, where words are like colourful beads which I get to string together, enjoy their resonances, and use them to give life to every thought in light and shade, and every nuance in between. Ideas, lyrics, lesson plans, WTF moments, frustrations, magic moments…there’s no limits. And in my words, I find freedom, clarity + joy.

I remember...the safety and calm of my high school piano teacher, where every word he spoke felt safe. A teacher of few words, every one of them had weight. In his lessons, I had value and weight. I was seen for all that I was.

Going through the intensity of a school day can be overwhelming and totally brutal. Some days, you get whumped. But in the back of my head is always that thought…I wonder what tiny effect, what change of momentum, I might be creating with my words. Slick, immediate, kind, savvy, bright, warm, sharp…in kindness, in explanation, in go-mode, in the middle of all the “crazy”…someone is always listening.


My Quotes!

My Christmas present from one of my Con High students was a preview of the meticulously collected quotes from staff + students for the 2014 Yearbook. I am amazed at what they’ve caught, and what I’ve said in moments of apparent “teaching flow”!

“You sound like a bunch of cows. I mean the animal kind!”

“There’s too much happiness in here. Stop it.”

“If you’ve looped it 10 times, just write down the “stem cell” for me.”

“Bring some brain cells to class, I beg of you, please.”

“The Year 11 Mid-Year Exam, aka, my little science experiment of putting you through hell.”

“So you define syncopation as ‘stressing what’s not supposed to be stressed’? That sounds more like what students do to teachers.”

“The back row of basses sound like a bunch of happy drunks.”


What words do you remember?

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