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February 6, 2015 , , , ,

A young asian girls looks on with amazment....3 scoops ...all for me...!!!!!!!Monday

Breakfast: 1 bowl of muesli, fruit + yoghurt. Probiotic, artisan, arty-farty yoghurt. I am so smug. The muesli had chia seeds. So SO smug. The fruit was organic…SMUGNESS OVERLOAD.

Recess: Apple + raw nut carob bar

Lunch: Tuna with salad (grated raw beetroot, carrot, baby spinach, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes + capsicum), blueberries + strawberries (organic) + wholemeal crackers.

After school: Flat white

Dinner: Grilled fish + Moroccan quinoa, crunchy fennel + apple salad. One scoop Connoisseur ice cream (I’m worth it) and 1 chai tea.



Breakfast: As for Monday, but no time to put yoghurt on. Reasonbly smug because I still had organic fruit and chia seeds. They’re a super food, did you know that?!

Recess: Raw nut carob bar + cake, because it’s always SOMEONE’S birthday!

Lunch: Half a tuna salad, due to yard duty. Stash rest of salad in fridge, along with recess-time apple, for tomorrow. Crackers don’t make it out of bag.

After school: Flat white + Baci chocolate.

Dinner: Last night’s leftover Moroccan quinoa, crunchy fennel + apple salad. Apple salad starting to look sad, so chuck that out and have lunch crackers + some nice camembert cheese. Several scoops of Connoisseur ice-cream. Skip the chai tea.



Breakfast: Woke up late. Fruit. It’s still organic, that counts right!?

Recess: Detention duty. Eat cake on the way in. Look dutifully at yesterday’s apple + and then pocket handful of Smarties from my rewards jar to tide me over to lunch.

Lunch: Finally get to yesterday’s apple + yesterday’s tuna salad. The tuna tastes slightly slimy, lending a nice overall briny flavour the whole salad. Eat it without chewing, thinking of the hungry kids in Africa.

After school: Flat white + a slice of chocolate tart. It was there, so delicious + glossy…calling me. It’s Wednesday, I needed a mid-week pick-me-up. Decide that this will be in place of wine. Feel smug, but not as smug as after eating chia seeds. Which are a super food.

Dinner: Woollies-bought roast chicken, ripped off in delicious chunks straight off the hot carcass, standing up at the kitchen counter. Baby spinach straight out of the packet to balance things. Should I dance a little jig to mix things up inside + help the digestion along? Half a packet of Tim-Tams + a good slug of Baileys, since I’m not drinking wine tonight.



Breakfast: Shit, I have Year 11 Musicianship today + I have no plan of action. Eat the other half of the Tim Tams. Non-organic. Grab a banana for recess or lunch, they’re full of good nutrients…aren’t they supposed to be the World’s Most Perfect Natural Snack? Hopefully it will override the Tim Tams, but right now I have other things on my mind, like how I can stretch out “Application of Perfect Cadences” for an additional 45 minutes. Aural. I’ll do aural. Yew! Plan of action DONE! I am so excellent.

Recess: Day-old cake with a nice crust. Where’s an “0” birthday when you need one?! A couple of handfuls of Smarties and one of those giant, fund-raiser Caramello Koalas I had the good sense to buy when I must have had spare money lying around. Or did I forget to return it to a kid who had left it with me for safe keeping? Cannot dwell in the past…unhealthy for the soul. Eat the koala.

Lunch: Attempt to redeem myself by buying a healthy salad wrap from the canteen. The sugar high hits hard + I can feel the slump roller-coastering towards me.

After school: 2 flat whites to negate the effects of the sugar slump.

Dinner: Pizza. Also non-organic. As an after-thought, decide to eat the banana which has made the round trip home via school, now nicely browned + battered in my school bag.



Breakfast: Connoisseur ice-cream straight out of the tub with a wooden spoon. Put some milk in just to loosen it slightly. Feel like a saline hit, so select a water cracker from the packet, delicately dip it into the Devondale easy-spread butter, then directly into the Vegemite jar. Savour the excellent ratio of butter vs. salty goodness.

Recess: There’s a leftover bacon + egg toasted sandwich in the canteen. SCORE! Grab that and an Iced Coffee from the Secret Teacher’s Stash of Banned Student Foods.

Lunch: Still full from recess. Snack on Smarties.

Free before final lesson: Suddenly starving and need food before navigating the final lesson. Might have something to do with the fact that the final lesson is Year 8 General Music, but I can’t play hard and fast with my health and well-being. Race down to the canteen and get the leftover lunch special, lamb yiros. It’s crispy, and not in the appetising way. Chase it down with an apple juice which is 78% sugar, and 22% synthetic materials.


Dinner: HAPPY HOUR! Dilute the effects of some very happy hours with hot chips + remaining ice cream.

Survey the week + justify every choice.

Resolve to have a green kale smoothie tomorrow to put things right.

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