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the year 8 general music lesson that only works with a jamaican accent!

March 2, 2015 , , , , , ,

photo-3I have Year 8 General Music and I’m teaching the Musicology and Musicianship unit. It’s the last lesson on a Thursday afternoon. Did I mention it’s an all-boys class?

I can’t begin to tell you how much I know this is going to SUCK. I don’t even have anything for them to hit, like in the Percussion unit. I have been given “minds to mold”…and these minds are about as interested in Musicology + Musicianship as they are in sawdust.

So I start the lesson. I have decided to teach them line + space notes, and then to get them to play Line-Space-Bingo. I only have to fill up 42 more minutes…*You can do it!* (Muhammad Ali voice)

I teach the letter names for all the line and space notes for both treble and bass…the likes of ”Even Grizzly Bears Drive Ferraris” and “F-A-C-E”.

“Okay, Year 8 Men, over to you! You need to create your version of each of these line or space note phrases for both clefs, and all the phrases need to be PG-rated. And GO!”

This keeps them occupied for a blessed 6-and-a-half minutes. Yew!

I call the class to order and ask for creative offers. Of course, no one puts their hand up. I call on the first kid on my roll…an incredibly fashionable “Hendrix”. At least it’s phonetic, and not something that has several silent letters and an umlaut and an inflection on the 9th syllable of the name.

“Okay, Hendrix, go for it!”

“Um…Miss, mine only works with a Jamaican accent.”

“Uh…okaaaaay….” is what my brain is saying.

“Sure, no problems,” is what I’m outwardly saying, “Take it away! Treble lines, go for it!”

He took a breath and…”Every Goat Break De Fence!”

Fabulous accent, worthy of one of the characters of “Cool Runnings.”

Totally kick-ass!

The boys start laughing. The atmosphere changes. I love it! Hendrix is basking in unexpected stardom and revelling in it.

I’m grinning. “And what have you got for the bass lines, sir?”

Hendrix starts laughing at himself, which makes the class laugh again.

The Jamaican accent goes back on, and…

“Goat Break De Fence Again!”

The class loses it.

It’s an awesome moment.

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