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“you”…about the piece + lyrics

March 3, 2015 , , , , ,

snowflake_andreasThe lyrics of this piece read like a love song, as meant for someone special. However, the original intent was for the words to be as an acknowledgement or personal “prayer” to each of the choristers to remind them of how essential, individual and valued they are. I was thinking about the fragility and beauty of the changing voice in parallel with the development of identity during the teenage years, and how surprising, challenging, and ultimately extraordinary a journey it can be. These words are for each of the choristers, to remind them of how essential they are.

“No two snowflakes are alike in formation, each made individual and unique. And while the universe may draw them on the same journey, each takes a different path. Perfectly imperfect, exquisite and beautiful.” [Unknown author]


Like a snowflake

Crystalline and perfect


Made unique

There is one

It’s you, only you


Who changes the momentum of the world like you?

No one has your words, no one has your simple breath, resonance

My love

No one

No one speaks with your words, no one speaks with your sound, no one else can but you


And it catches me unawares

The edge of my heart

The edge of my thoughts

The edge of my sleep





Only you.

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