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a hundred and one strokes…daring to be creative…

March 12, 2015 , , , ,

hope-through-creation-nhowellLast year, I wandered through 33 art galleries in Seoul, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Hungary, Munich, Milan, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon…each so different, breath-taking and thought-provoking.

So much life in each piece of artwork!

There were stories of whimsy, hums of contentment, joyful illuminations, crystalline clarity, rich old-worldliness, history, upon ache, upon time, upon suffering, upon space…every emotion was evoked as I wandered through the wonderful, enveloping calm that is an art gallery.

I can’t do this during normal teaching life! Yet here…it was so normal to wander through colour in parallel with my thoughts…and often with snippets of a composition being unconsciously inspired.

There was the gift of space and time to get to the heart of a thought or idea during these delicious wanderings…!

Hundreds and thousands of strokes and gestures, hundreds of re-paints, hundreds of changing, shimmering thoughts…heartaches and agonies I stood at the edge of and was asked to consider. Pure rage and harsh truth…all through the voice of the artist. They never once complained…all these strokes…they had just the same amount of time every day as I do right now.

What a blessing it is to have a voice, to be able to write, to compose + to shape a melody.

Each time I am afraid as to whether my idea will come to life, let me keep loving, shaping and practising my craft, as each of these artists did.

They gave voice to their most beautiful and creative selves…if I don’t have the courage to do that, I am not sharing all of my voice and all of my heart.

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