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a little journey into bossa…

April 19, 2015 , , , , ,

Romance 1I took a little journey into The Land of Bossa Nova…in the most delightful way! I was invited to arrange the poignant and tender “My Romance”, by Richard Rogers + Lorenz Hart, for Chanterelle, Walford’s senior vocal ensemble, directed by the wonderful Trish Hart.

Romance 2

This arrangement was discovery and distress, wonder and weariness, creative collaboration and creative collision all at once.

And I loved it!

Romance 3

My first foray into arranging in this genre; every turn a new question, every bar in the score a new discovery to be made…and that pure journey of exploration and discovery has been truly exhilarating. Chords and voicings which sounded appalling to start with and confirmed my total “non-jazzness” transformed and blossomed, becoming warm and resonant with sound and some semblance of style. I felt like I was on a musical trail of discovery…slightly daunting, but so invigorating to find a solution to a harmonisation, a comping pattern, or to finally hear, through my headphones, realised on Sibelius, the sounds I imagined in my head.

Of all the arrangements I’ve done to date, this has been the scariest, the coolest, the “funnest”, the most daring…

I can’t wait to hear Chanterelle work their magic on it!

Romance 4

And to be able to arrange one of my favourite charts…even more special.

Thank you!

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