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oboe L-plates

June 6, 2015 , , , ,

IMG_0333When I became a high school music teacher, I never thought I’d be making OBOE L-PLATES…but the day has come!

I’m directing the Senior Concert Band at my new school and revelling in creating new sounds each week, getting to know the students, and growing with this living, breathing musical entity. But I’m a choral nerd. This is brand new territory for me. And I’m loving it!

However, I’m getting greedy. It happens when you start to get a sense of your surroundings…and what’s possible. Yes, the “teacherly greediness” that comes with Hope and Possibility…it’s struck! At the end of last term, I started hankering after an OBOE. That melancholy, reedy, plaintive voice that only an oboe can give…and fond as I am of my “floboes” (the overflow of flutes who gamely tackle the oboe part for me, self-named!), I was ready to start the hunt for a real-life, seedling oboist.

Here’s how it went:

1. Source + service oboe. Tick!

2. Rave about the oboe, demonstrate to several classes (badly!), and try to suck in a suitably intelligent+curious+full-of-character+nerdy-muso kiddie to grow into my test-tube oboe. Tick!

3. Extol the virtues of the oboe, carefully avoiding the “duck-with-food-poisoning-sounds” stage to the parents of kiddie. Tick!

4. Hand over oboe, sprinkle liberally with photocopies Concert Band music, encouragement + a couple of spare reeds. Tick!

5. The INSPIRED moment. Oboe L-plates! However, this plucky Year 9 kiddie won’t be needing them for long…she’s managed to figure out “Hedwig’s Theme” in just under a week and is making a kick-ass sound.

Time to look for another oboe!

Floboes, watch out!

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