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what makes a person beautiful?

October 6, 2015 , , , , , ,

My hand-written words.


A 3-minute dialogue, unedited.

When they are totally engrossed in what they are doing, a strange fire and light and momentum comes off them. 

When they are unerringly tender that their vulnerability could reverberate off the page, and they glow with a tangible honesty and life. 

When they are at their most real and authentic, in fire, in passion, in anger, in joy, in light…in pure energy and momentum, and there is the coming together of absolute truth and the very essence of them. 

The sum of all they are…all the tiny moments of joy, of being, of ordinary life, and light and shade, stitched together into a fabric that is breathtaking as it is unique when you truly examine it. 

It is the totally unguarded laughter which cascades forth like bells, signalling true and living joy; it is the unseen moments of wonder. 

It is the ache which is carried, tenderly and essentially, along with silent, cleansing tears. 

It is the greatness of struggle and grief, versus the momentum of living and what a person decides to celebrate and grow from, in continuing to be all of themselves. 

It is being lost in wonder, stranded in the rush of time, and to not even notice. Because that is where their soul has wandered, in wonder, and they have followed. 

It is the simple words which spill forth in articulating a story in only the way that they can. 

It is one so completely lost in the momentum of what they are doing that they forget all their boundaries and are caught between inspiration and flight. They forget the “right” colours and just paint with wonderful focus and wild abandon…they are completely real and free. 

In that very moment, in that second, they are living and BEING. 

In the beauty of living and being, raw and extraordinary, they become truly BEAUTIFUL. 

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