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December 21, 2015 , , , , , , ,


I have made it.

The wonderful calm after all the crazy running, the chaotic arm-flailing, the rocking backwards and forwards…I have made it!

Thank you for this extraordinary year of growth + change. Thank you, actually, for the last 2 years…of taking flight and moving, of growing and discovering, of travelling and marvelling, of adventure and solitude, of incredible noise and extraordinary quiet, of intensity and of buoyant lightness, of struggle and of success. Of moving. Of pure, undiluted change.

If you had said to me at the beginning of this year that I would find myself completely embedded in a new school community, up to my armpits in all that I love, in the guts of teaching + creating, of caring deeply about a whole new family of students and colleagues, I would not have believed you. I would not have had the capacity to even put the puzzle pieces together, so far from this reality was I only 11 months ago. But like a small but stubborn flower, stretching toward light, I grew, and healed; I took step after step, I danced and sang, I was still…and now, I could not feel more alive, essential + real.

Thank you!

This is an extraordinary place to be…I am standing in the very centre of where 3 paths cross. Major paths of my teaching life, and my very being. And I am overwhelmed with joy, and aching with quiet sadness, because I have chosen the path I want to walk down.

But let me stand here just a little longer, as I marvel at how my worlds have collided so spectacularly and brilliantly this year. My time at Brighton Secondary School has fashioned me into the teacher I am now, and my short time of work at the Conservatorium High School has opened up my ears and mind with rushing momentum. I am so very honoured to be part of the story of both of these amazing schools, their communities, their staff, and their students. I had the chance to change the momentum in both of these places for a while…how extraordinary is that?!

But now, I need the courage to build in my new place of work. I have been so completely engrossed in the “teaching” these last 3 terms that I’ve not had a chance to write. My voice, my words…there so much I want to say. So many little moments I’d like to capture and acknowledge, to breathe life into, because then some part of their resonance is captured.

I have so much to share!

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