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the 10-minute mad dash = in the moment

December 24, 2015 , , , , ,


“All the things worth doing are worth doing right now.”

I loved reading this article and completely agree with the sentiment, but I also think that there are moments where “right now” is impossible, because there needs to a rest as well.

To bite the bullet, to make the connection, to reach out, to put into words what seems impossible, to chase after the opportunity, to just try, without the barest hint of a guarantee…yes, I’m happily subscribed to that. Because that’s living every moment. If your moment is just to be still, that is still living in the very fullness of that exact moment. “Right now” is not dictated by time; it’s a powerful mindset.

I also know that some of my most extraordinary achievements during these last 2 years of movement and change have been borne from the 10-minute dashes; the many little 10-minute pockets of time where I have dared, tried, wondered, “what if-ed”, spoken, done, scrabbled, written, reached out…where I have consciously made the decision on how I’d like to spend those 10 minutes, and dived in. Even the total “joy” of report writing; 10 minutes of no-bars-hold, furiously messy “vomit on the page” comment writing translates into drafts I am grateful for at the end of the week. And I always begrudgingly marvel at how surprisingly coherent I am when I’m backed into a 10-minute corner.

Because those 10 minutes are always the flap of the butterfly’s wings…they are start of the thinking process, they are the first breath, the are the change in momentum.

After that, you’re off!

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