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little kwokkie magpie…1 week

December 26, 2015 , , , ,


I’d like to introduce you to our little magpie, fondly named Kwokkie Magpie, after a playful twist on our family name.

She hopped up to my parents’ back porch step on January 26th last year, the day before I was to leave to live in Sydney for a year. A scraggly, weak little fluff ball, all she could manage was to balance herself on their peg basket, and plop herself into it, where she sat while Mummy magpie squalled at and called for her in a nearby tree. She was too weak to make the return trip up to the nest.

My Mum fed her a little bit of rice and mince meat, and she slept in the peg basket. We all thought for sure that she wouldn’t make it through the week.

The next day, I left for Sydney; the first time our entire family has been in different cities across Australia, even though we have had our own homes for over 10 years. That same day, little Kwokkie Magpie adopted my parents. And yes, it was definitely her that did the adopting!

I’m going to share the story of this gorgeous little magpie, a snapshot of what happens when there is hope, care + love, and perhaps the parallel in what I see in the classroom on a daily basis.

Because some of our students arrive on our doorsteps scraggly and unkempt, either emotionally, mentally, or physically, and then flourish when we demonstrate boundaries + care toward them + their well-being.

Stay tuned…more to come! 🙂

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