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the never-fail borrowing system

December 26, 2015 , , , , ,


I knew that if I loaned headphones out to Year 6s, 7s and 8s, there was a high chance to me not getting them back. Actually, there would be zero rate of return. Minus rate of return. Into the red, without any borrowed headphones in sight.

But I wanted to have headphones available for those students who didn’t already have them on person.

And then I remembered THIS genius borrowing system, one I learned as a teacher at Brighton Secondary School, as a means of borrowing drumsticks + mallets, two very highly desirable + expensive-and-annoying-to-replace commodities.


Students would surrender their shoes in return for borrowing the requested equipment. And not the pair; just ONE. You can forget a student ID card, or even a mobile phone, but ONE SHOE?! Impossible.

I remember the first day I tested this out.

Sir Year 7: “Ms Kwok, can I please borrow a set of headphones?”

Me: “Absolutely. Please give me one shoe.”

Sir Year 7: “Uh…I’m sorry?!”

Other Year 7s started to look up and giggle.

Me: “One shoe, please!”

Sir Year 7, still unconvinced: “Uh, okay. Which one would you like?”

Me: “Any one. Just under the desk would be fine.”

Sir Year 7 limped around lopsidedly for the entire lesson, with the fluorescent pink headphones I decided to loan him. He became somewhat of an accidental hero in the eyes of his classmates.

I’ve not lost a single set of headphones all year.

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