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life is an echo

December 27, 2015 , , , , ,

This is never more true than when you are teaching. Whatever you give out…whatever you genuinely give out, not just in words, but in your person, your energy, the very essence of you, all the unspoken words, your moral compass and the values you live by…you will receive back. As a secondary school teacher, this may be with a delayed reaction of many weeks, months, or years! You may see it, you may not. But if you do, it will be returned to you in the most surprising, poignant, tender, playful, or totally-in-your-face ways. You will never be ready for it. And there will be times where you will never hear of it, but the effects of what you have given out will continue to resonate in the lives of the students you have connected with.

So when you teach, you are teaching through your entire being what it means to be a good person; your curiosity and desire to learn, how you recover from setbacks, the value of persistence, being organised, being messy, having a plan, flying by the seat of your pants, working independently and in collaboration, negotiating, articulating, imagining, creating, problem-solving.

Your subject area is merely a positive byproduct of the teaching process…dare I say it! It’s important, and a semester or whole-year focus of new skills and information, but it won’t resonate if the students don’t see you as a person they can love + respect in come capacity.

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