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Here is our little girl at 6 weeks old, in March 2014. She proved us all completed wrong and continued to grow stronger in every way, in appetite, appearance, and voice. New feathers grew in place of the fluffy baby feathers, her wings grew stronger, she started to hop up into higher places and explore. And she grew in her personality + cheekiness. She would greet us each morning, following us around in the hope for food or a moment of play, tell us off if were were late, converse with us, telling us about her day, and sing. Each day her voice grew stronger.

She began to develop strength, joy + personality in a healthy and safe environment.

Can you see the parallels in the classroom?

This video is of my Grandmamma who has just turn 95, feeding her thinly sliced meat with chopsticks. From the scared little scraggly baby chick, to this eager magpie with cheek + appetite, we continued to delight in her being and watch her grow.

And I watched all this from Sydney! My parents, who were never pet people, all of a sudden became the adoptive parents to this feisty little magpie.

More to come! 😉

kwokkie magpie…6 weeks

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