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music teachers + short nails…a reality!

December 29, 2015 , , , , ,

While I was in Sydney, I decided to be a little decadent and get my nails done. Beautiful. glossy, bright red on my neat, blunt fingernails; nails that were normally clean, clipped, and purely dedicated to the piano…I loved them! They gave me an air of “chic-ness” that I wore to the nth degree while I luxuriated in my first week of holidays in Sydney.


Today, it was time to get the cleaned off. Nearly two weeks later, and the chic-ness was starting to grow out, and I was keen to get back into some serious piano playing again. They had a top layer of bio-gel, so I needed to drop into a nail salon to get them removed, otherwise I would have gone the cheapskate version and removed them myself for sure. 😉

So into the nail salon during my running around this morning, and the conversation went like this:

Nail Lady; a tiny fast-talking little nymph of a Vietnamese girl: “What do you like done?”
Me: “I’d like to get the polish removed, please.”
NL: “And what colour you like?”
Me: “No colour, just back to normal for me.”
NL: “You no like?!”
Me: “No, I liked it very much! But it’s starting to grow out, so time to get rid of it.”
NL: “And get new colour?”
Me: “No, just taking off the old colour.”
NL: “But we have so many nice colour! More red, and yellow, and green, and…”
Me: “No, I’m happy with just the polish taken off, thanks.”
NL: “Oh, I know what you want! You want French manicure! Very classy!”
Me: “Um, no…”
NL: “You want little flower? Star? Sparkle?”
Me: “No.”
NL: “You want clear polish? No colour?”
Me: “No, really, just the colour off.”
Nail Lady looked so confused + stressed that I offered, by way of explanation: “I’m a music teacher, I play the piano a lot at school.”
NL: “Oh…you like THAT, hey? Okay, I take off colour. No charge.”
Me: “Oh, but I’m very happy to pay…!”
NL: “No charge!”

Oh my goodness, I started laughing in the shop!

Not only did I get totally NAIL-SHAMED by a person HALF my size about being a short-nailed, polish-free MUSIC TEACHER, I got a PITY POLISH REMOVAL!


All back to normal again, but not without that hilarious exchange!

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