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a moment with the heart

April 17, 2016 , , , , , ,


Today, I sat down with my heart and the words tumbled forth…I didn’t realise I had so much to say!

Joyful words, tumbling like colourful beads!

Tender words, like blunt Autumn raindrops…

Whispered words, barely requiring any breath to bring them to life…

Words of ache and sorrow, unspoken, suddenly given permission to be…

Words…alive, raw, unedited, perfect, and beautiful…every shade of my soul right now, the story of me, untold, as I give to the world, now released, finally…

“I took my heart by the hand and together we wandered, joyfully…”

…somewhere along “my corner of the sea”, and we finally had a chance to hear each other, me and my heart.

In the wordless evening, in the silent, golden light, there were tears, and there was peace.

My little heart, unburdened, was joyful, even though there were stories of pain, grief, and incomplete endings…I could feel the deep, resonant joy.

We laughed, tears upon our cheeks.

Our conversation dove erratically from the mundane to the minute, from the sane to the silly, from the tender to the full of turmoil. We walked together, talking, crying, and laughing through it all.

We left feeling like we knew each other again, me and my heart.

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