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April 17, 2016 , , , , , , ,


This is the card I received on the last day of school. My heart overflowed.

And the words inside:


And my last day of school?

One of those unexpected, extraordinary days made all the more present by sheer exhaustion…! My amazing Year 11 crew rallying to get a fellow student to perform when I had nothing left, an old Brighton parent out-of-the-blue giving me the most warm + generous thanks that left me speechless with wonder + gratitude, the response from the Friends of Pulteney presentation last night, farewells of dear colleagues + students, and then this card that appeared on my desk from one of my Year 12s with a bag of Haighs chocolate frogs.

Tears + tears + tears, from exhaustion + joy + wonder.

Happy holidays everyone! We’ve made it! 🌟

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