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my daily dose of leunig

April 24, 2016 , , , , ,


I love my daily dose of Leunig.

Somehow, Michael Leunig manages to not only see the tiny little moments of wonder and joy, tenderness, or grotesqueness…

…the melancholy or the ridiculous, the extraordinary or mundane…he captures them, perfectly, on paper, in all their quirky truth.


Their child-like immediacy catch us all unawares. He holds the little, living moments gently, cupped in his worn hands, like ducklings, for us to look at.


We are affected, we smile, we shift uncomfortably, we are made tender + vulnerable.

We feel our hearts glow, or beat a little faster because we see something that we ran straight by…A Moment of Humanity.


We are naked in our very selves, when we have our humanity revealed to us so poignantly and simply.

We smile, tickled by the whimsy.


I love my daily dose of Leunig.

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