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joyful introvert

July 5, 2016 , , , , , , ,


The rain is constant,

Eerie phantom grey,

Cold and blunt,


And the scent from my fragrant jasmine tea rises

Glasses and windows fogged, equally

My heart glows, unmistakably, 

And my spirit stirs!

Curious bright eyes, still warm from the depths of my pocket

And in the wintry bustle, this city landscape

Of rushing people, and harassed umbrellas,

I have all that I need

My words flowing freely,

My heart, beating

“It’s been so long since I’ve been able to have such a lively conversation with you!”, it exclaims, like an excited child

Let’s grab coffee later, in a cafe with even more frosted windows,

And wander aimlessly, delighting in everything

And nothing at all

The conversation resonates with iridescence against this metallic backdrop

To the untrained eye, we are one in the Melbourne winterland,

But those who know, really know,

Will know that the heart and soul are in joyful, animated, unstoppable conversation


And story telling,

And imaginating,


And wondering,

While wandering

In the cocoon of Time, and safe in the cradle of introverting bliss

My joy could light my being with tangible resonance.

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