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be at peace

July 18, 2016 , , , ,


Be at peace, because people are doing the best that they can, they really are.

If “the best that they can be” is enough to keep you connected, that is a blessing.

If “the best that they can be” causes you harm, then you must walk away.

But “the best that they can” means a shared humanity, a common bond.


That we are all human, with imperfections, all trying to do the best that we are able at that exact moment in time with the resources that we have.

If, by chance, you are the one with the greater capacity at that moment in time, be generous. Without that kindness, your heart will grow brittle, or worse, hardened and unbreakable.


Because isn’t it so that the ones who can have the greatest capacity for being heart-broken, are those who have the greatest capacity to love? And and some point, without judgement, you will need to be loved so wholly and completely, when you do not know it yourself.

Be at peace, and make “your best” at that exact moment in time an expression of your most compassionate + integral self.


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