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one of the greatest untold joys in life

July 18, 2016 , , , , ,

imagesOne of the greatest untold joys in life is an interesting conversation.

One held through mutual joy and respect, one where the words bounce and collide freely, without censor, and without fear.

One where there is no clash of ego, no pride to be negotiated, but a healthy understanding and appreciation for excellence, and a common ground.


The total and complete appreciation for pushing the boundaries, and developing new understandings; for “what-ifs” and “howevers”, “wonder whats” and “how coulds?”

They are so immeasurably joyful and exciting!

To traverse worlds and miles, to dance across bridges to connect idea with idea, magical thought with thought.


Or, even quietly, to reach in warm empathy, in simple understanding, without judgement, without question. Only love.

This untold joy crosses all boundaries; age, gender, culture, class…all it asks is an active willingness to participate, an equal wavelength, a safe sense of self, and a want for new information. Anyone can do this dance, anyone with the words to throw into the air, like beads, forming strings of connection and new thought, new momentum, new ideas.


Conversation that is lively and between two equals, real equals, is pure light and momentum.

Not the conversation which anchors one painfully, or is filled with shadows of ulterior motives, or is selfish in anyway.


Not the conversations that are one-sided, or only designed to hold up a spotlight to those desperate to been seen, who cannot celebrate their very place in life.

Not the conversations filled with shame, or anger, or misguided pain…unreceived.

Conversations between two equals.

The conversations may not be light; they may be heavy and full of weight, edged with sadness, or pain shared with great care and love…these conversations are the most beautiful beginning points of healing.

But this thread of understanding, built through words from one to another, is the most wonderful and simple joy to behold and be a part of.


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