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October 4, 2016 , , , , , , ,


Leap…leap NOW!

There is no perfect time for anything…!

There are moments of preparation, intensive + alive, for a moment-in-the-making. There is hard work, and dedication, and loving a project so very much that you can’t help but think about it in the spare minutes of the day.

There is consideration, so that you are not leaping in a fool-hardy way, without thinking, but without hesitation…it’s sort of a “planned spontaneous leap of faith!”

But really, the ideas + the moments + the magic captured in errant pockets of time…there’s no dictating those. You just take a leap of faith.

It’s in the 10-minute snippets of dreaming that the best ideas come forth.

It’s in the extra bit of conversation that a wonderful connection is made.

It’s in the small gesture of kindness that compassion is grown.

It’s in the thought, that led to the wondering, that led to the growing, that led to the impossibly present idea, that leads to a creative venture taking flight…or impossible healing to take place…or to fall in love…

It’s in that tiny little extra look, caught in playfulness + vulnerability, that love is felt so resonatingly.

It’s in EVERY moment that I don’t expect, that one of my students has taken my words, and put them into their pockets and treasured them for a lifetime…without even the slightest thought from me that it might be THAT interaction, or THAT moment.

It’s in the moments I am undone, that I am most loved.

So rather than just leaping + flailing, what if I were to leap + stretch my arms out + feel the wind on my face, like some fool-hardy optimist?!

I know how to pick myself up and repair…but I will never know what will come out of a moment if I do not try.


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