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It’s in the curve of her cheeks

The freckles on her face, which are just slightly off-centre

The slight wearing of her brown hands and blunt fingernails

It’s in the lines around her eyes, lifted in laughter

It’s in the quiet assurance of her look


And the joyful depth of her smile

It’s in her words, measured and chosen

Yet her story-telling is a cascading ocean of spilling sentences and pure life


She is…exactly as she is

Therein lies the “beautiful” of her beauty

She has no make-up, yet her face glows with purpose and energy

Her words, no matter in sadness or joy, grief or anger

Resonate…they echo and linger with light and fire!

You listen because they catch you, each word like a smooth pebble, an Autumn star, a heartbeat

Her movements are choreographed and mobile, yet totally free

Her thoughts are like rain droplets, silvery light, and shining with meaning

She is a living being of authenticity

Far more beautiful in years than in youth, in weight than in whimsy

She is a woman, living, in her own perfect, beautiful, joyful self.


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