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facebook-land…what’s not okay

November 20, 2016 , , , , ,


This post has been in development for about 6 months and today without rhyme or reason, just because it’s a gorgeous day and I’ve had avocado on toast for brunch, I’ve decided I’d like to post it.

In Facebook-Land, it’s not okay to:

1. Start an argument publicly about any of my posts. I don’t know how anyone COULD anyways, I am so deliberately anti-inflammatory. Unless you have a deep aversion to colours, you’re unlikely to be offended.

2. Put me down about anything I have written. If you don’t like it, or don’t agree, that’s absolutely fine. But I didn’t invite your opinion, or ask for you advice – I just shared a moment in time that caught my attention.

3. Correct me publicly, factually, spelling-wise, or in any other capacity. Yes, that means if I have spelled something incorrectly, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE IT WELL ALONE. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE learning, I always have. Something about my parents not having access to education and me being “First-Gen-Western-World-Educated” has made me a bona fide nerd. And I love it. And if I ask for your help or advice, you can go for it. Indeed, if I HAVE asked for your help, it’s because I trust your judgement and, even more importantly, I trust that you will be careful with me and have my best interests at heart. It’s how I hope to give help when I am asked; with care + integrity. I care deeply about getting things accurate, and strive to give the best of myself. To come home after a big day of teaching and to find that I’ve been publicly challenged or corrected for all to see is not okay.

When I post on Facebook, it is a moment in time; something joyful, interesting, or important to me. Often it’s something funny or silly. Most definitely, it is something that I think will have minimal to zero offence. I don’t deliberately set out to upset, and probably never will. In fact, I often go the other way – to share a moment of laughter, poignancy, or humanity. If you like what I write, enjoy it! If not, don’t read it, block it, or unfriend me, that’s okay. We might get on better in  the broad daylight of real life, or not at all!

My struggles + ups and downs in life are just as gritty and varied as the next person’s; but I am doing my very best to live a good life. I seem to be enjoying it so far.

It was an inspiring and excellent avocado on toast.

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