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balancing for love

November 27, 2016 , , , , ,


Please teach me to sit in that alcove of compassion and forgiveness for the people who need me most right now.

Please let me not draw back into the easy safety of my cocoon, or become loud and boisterous, adding to the noise.

Help me sit there, quietly, calmly, in the “in-between”.

Help me lean into the worry, the tenderness, the joy, the heartache, the sadness, the fear, the uncertainty, the unknown.

Help me lean into my own annoyances that tell me this is unfair and unbalanced. Love does not know that, and love does not keep score.

The more I remember that I am, indeed, imperfect, the more free I am.

Help me reach toward something beyond the immediate, into something that feels much more substantial, like patience and compassion, and smells familiar and beautiful.

Help me open my heart just that little bit more, that I may keep learning compassion and stretching, practising, and “couraging”; every little gesture counts.

Because I absolutely want to know that I have the ability to say, “I love you”, “I’m sorry’, and “I miss you”, over and over. I don’t ever want to miss those opportunities. And they take practice. Every day!

And I want to know, really know, that I have the ability meet my darling loved ones in the middles of their storms, or to guide them through mine, and to share stories. Indeed, if they need me, and I don’t know it yet, I’d like to know I could meet them in the middle, or to form the words to ask.

Because simple words with simple breath asking for help in earnest will ALWAYS cut through any storm.

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