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dormant living heart

December 19, 2016 , , , , , , ,

7ebe48e69c655cd30be46e7275723246When I rest, I do not become less industrious

When I nestle with my heart, I do not become any less social

When I become angry, I do not lose my compassion

When I am hard, I do not forget softness

When I am serious, I do not forget playfulness 

When I am still, I do not forget how to fly

When I am gloriously, messily creative, I do not forget discipline


I am exactly as I am, at this moment. I have a track record which I honour against my own moral compass. But the simple human longing to grow, the need to keep learning, the hunger to improve…these innate wantings and wishings will always give me the place to stretch and swim, to walk and wander, to practise and hone these skills. And I will always long to grow, the way each day feels different and changes by the minute.


I am so glad, so unspeakably glad at moments like these, that I have a heart that works, and that reacts with every fibre of my being, to the events around me. And while I practice patience, compassion, self-care, calmness in approach, and love, I am so glad to FEEL, every breath of my vulnerability and humanity. That I have words is SUCH a wondrous thing, and that I can give life to my thoughts, awesome, human, and perfectly exquisite.

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