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hope in a necklace

December 19, 2016 , , , ,

Two years ago on my last day working in Sydney, I went to the Glebe Markets + found a solid sterling silver “bread-tag” necklace that I loved, simple + quirky, both. But I couldn’t bear to spend the money on it as I’d been paying rent in Sydney as well as mortgage repayments back in Adelaide.

Today, on a whim, I thought I’d go look for it. If it was there, I’d go for it + buy it, if not, no worries.

After 15 minutes of scoping the markets + getting ready to call it quits, I spotted the stall. Same grumpy Japanese-Australian jewellery designer. Same checked shirt. Same “Cash Only” sign. I didn’t dare hope…there it was. Same little necklace, almost exactly 2 years later. 

So I got it.

I’ve been smiling all day since. Sometimes you get your little dose of “special”. 🙂

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