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serial liner-upper-er!

December 29, 2016 , , , , ,

Four glass bottles containing coloured water and coloured straws (blowing into straws to create sound)

I am a serial liner-upper-er. It’s just a fancy way of saying I’m meticulous in how I organise things, or slightly OCD, but I cannot help it.

I knew it was a concern when I would do it, without thinking, to other people’s things, and not just my stuff. I’m a high school teacher…I even line up bits and pieces that belong to my students if they’re silly enough to leave it lying around! I order things atop the piano, the veritable lost-property last stop of the Music Centre.

When the kettle boils, I’m lining up my vitamins.

I line up my canisters of tea.

I put my t-shirts in colour order.

There is a logic to my shoes.

My dresses are in pattern, colour, and season order.

My necklaces decorate the walls.

It’s colourful and vibrant, but there is definitely a fibonacci-esque sequence to my home + life.


And not actually because I think it’s totally necessary, or because I’m completely linked to the idea, it’s just that I must have some sort of Tetris-like inclination for order. I can certainly exist in chaos, and being able to do so effectively is only going to be healthy and necessary in my job…I’m a special interest music secondary classroom music teacher. Life will ALWAYS be some brand of mayhem.

But something happens when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, calmly lining up my condiments in the fridge, making lists of what I need to do, and doing a whimsical little 5-minute dust…my brain is happy. I’m calmed by the little act of tidying my corner of the world. I’m using that little snippet of time that would otherwise have been a bit of a bob-up-and-down, or blob-around wait for my life-giving cup of tea. Because all the little moments add up, and every little gesture counts.


And while THESE gestures are small, nonsensical, whimsical, and hardly important at all, in the larger scheme of things, put together on a much bigger scale, I can create a little bit of joyful order just by doing a tiny little bit at a time, and not doing it all at once.

Not because I’m order-crazy, or anything. 😉

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