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beauty personified

February 26, 2017 , , , , , ,


Is there anything more beautiful than a person just being?

All that they can be, in only the way they can. It doesn’t matter if they are loud, quick, quirky, serene, intellectual, energetic, or not…it just doesn’t matter, because when a person is in their full essence, busy filling their minutes and breaths with purely being themselves to the highest order, a fire and heat comes off them.


Suddenly quiet compassion is breathtakingly powerful, and suddenly effervescent joy is simply humility with sparkle. There are people who can walk with every arrow pointed at them, every speech mark, and every neon sign, and all we feel is disinterest, or disgust. And then there are people who walk into a room, so generously and quietly, that the force of their human-ness is absolutely unmistakeable.


Being in a room with them, I can feel my heart beat faster, and my soul expand. With what, I sometimes wonder, a trust in humanity? It’s amazing how these people provide the milestones for hope.

So please, just be. In the larger scheme of things, the world needs the very best, the most beautiful, the most unpolished and impractical, and the most absolute version of you. 


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