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year 12s can swim through swamps, too!

April 14, 2017 , , , , , , ,

The most endearing show of imagination today!

I took a Year 7 Drama relief lesson this morning and sent 2 of the groups out on the landing between Music + the Centre for Senior Learning to rehearse. Two of my Year 12 Music kiddies stood at the edge of the unfolding creation, waiting for a good moment to cross over:

Sir Year 12: “Okay, so where are we right now?”
Sir Year 7: “We’re in a forest, with a swamp in the middle!”
Sir Year 12 to Miss Year 12, with resignation: “Okay. I guess we swim!”

So they did! My AWESOME Year 12s “swam” through the deep, dark, murky waters of The Swamp, navigated The Forest, and safely traversed into the Centre for Senior Learning.

The Year 7s were thrilled.

And so was I. 😊🙌

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