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beautiful solitude

April 16, 2017 , , , , , , , ,

I love solitude. I feel like I can traverse the world in my mind, in endless time and space. Understanding is linear and not, time is still. I have room and heart to feel all the things I’ve not had a chance to fully experience, to explore them, to understand them. To play with them, to laugh and cry, to be deeply moved. In life, the the middle of a day, I am needed and I am working, and I have a job. That is exactly as it should be. But in solitude, I am free to wander the beautiful expanses of my unchartered imaginings and dreamings, and find beauty. I am free to mourn the things I have been strong for. I am free to ask questions that would have cost too much during a “normal” day. I am truly free.

In these wanderings, which take courage and energy, I fall deeply in love with the human spirit again, that anything is possible, and that the walls between what is not and what is become thin and magically permeable again. In these wanderings, everything has new seed and new life, and I am made alive again as well.

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