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brought to a standstill

April 18, 2017 , , , , , , ,

When I look around me at all the people who are really LIVING LIFE, who are making the most of each moment, who are embodying their ideas and bringing forth new momentum, I realise that there is very little between someone in THIS state of being, and someone who is living the resolutely ordinary, and who wants more.

It’s not much at all. It’s a breath, a single thought, a change in passage of wondering, or working, the extra moment, the start, an extra pocket of time, daring to reach out, or quietly stepping back. It’s a tiny snippet of decision-making. It’s grit, or determination, and a little bit of whimsy and trickster.
For me, the most vibrant ideas have come from watching something for a
moment longer, listening to an idea that I really wanted to walk away from, or the 10-minute scramble rather than giving up at the end of the day. It’s the conversation I started when I was terrified. It’s the idea I gave voice to, when I wasn’t totally sure, but knew it had a heartbeat.
It’s the thing I dared to wonder, when everyone else was not wondering it. My most beautiful relationships and treasured friendships have grown through the slow burn of time, but also the tiny little snippets of wonder and love; the playful snatches, the cocooned tender moments that are gone before I even know it or realise it; oh! I’m learning to recognise them so much more! And in those times where Time really does stand still, breathless from running away from itself, that the pang in my heart is more reverberating, the tears of pure joy spring up faster than ever, and I am brought to feeling in an instant.
THAT is the difference. It’s tiny. But it’s monumental.
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