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seen completely: choral composition

April 20, 2017 , , , , , , ,

Last year, I had the great honour + delight of writing for the Hillcrest Christian College’s choir, conducted by the fabulous Jenny Moon, who works choral wonders! 🙂 They commissioned me to write a modern reworking of Psalm 139 for their senior SATB choir. These are the very first set of words I wrote, unpolished, and unedited. When I read them, I can see my train of thought and I love the incomplete rawness and unfinished beauty of them.

You see me completely for all that I am

You walk beside me in repose

You hold the hand of my heart and I the other

You know my travels, my will, my peace, my fire

My thoughts flowing forth

And you carry me still

You love me still

There are days I wish to walk alone

Selfishly, independently

Believing myself to be free

But is there anything more free than your love?

And still you walk with me, without judgement

No matter the turn of light, the colour of my heart

You are the same

You see all, there is nowhere I can hide

Not even in my darkness

Not even in my light

You see me for all that I am

And it is so

There is no freedom more free

Or more beautiful

Than to be seen completely

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