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the tenor situation in my choir!

April 27, 2017 , , , , ,

Term 1, Week 3:

I have NINE tenors in Grammarphones this year. The choral gods have decreed that I shall indeed be bountiful in the tenor section, and depleted in my sanity, as pitching at present is entirely dependent upon the alignment of the planets, moon, stars, and everything else in the solar system. The height, stance, brain-agility, and emotive variation within my motley crew is a truly hilarious thing, but I cannot complain, in fact, I am wetting myself with excitement, because I have NINE TENORS!

Term 1, Week 5:

There was an unspoken brotherhood amongst my tenors + basses this morning in rehearsal; “If one cannot find the harmony note one is supposed to sing, then sing the melody line as LOUDLY as possible, and bring down every other tenor or bass in your part who has miraculously managed to land on + maintain said part.”

We had glorious, boisterous, enthusiastic, totally committed, and completely unwanted, manly unison!

Term 1, Week 7:

Pure excitement amongst my ELEVEN tenors today…yes, we somehow keep getting more!

Sir Tenor No. 1: “Did we just sing IN TUNE?!”

Sir Tenor No. 2: “Dude! YES! We did GOOD HARMONY! Ms Kwok, we did GOOD HARMONY WITH THE BASSES!”

Rehearsal then comes to a standstill as my tenors all hit each other to show their joy. 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my Wednesday mornings.

It’s been a good year in my Grammarphones choir so far!

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