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when life comes full circle to create a magic moment

April 27, 2017 , , , , ,

This was February 9th this year. A magic moment for me, and a special point in my teaching + composing life.

Tomorrow, I’m presenting at the Festival of Music opening conference + introducing my composition, “Migaloo”, to everyone. I’m so unbelievably humbled + excited! 

I’ve come full-circle…this is where it all began. This, and my own dedicated teachers, is what made me decide to become a classroom music teacher. 

Here, I salute and thank the wonderful Rosemary Nairn for taking me on as a very green, deer-in-headlights 18-year-old, and mentoring me, and my primary school music teacher, the late Lucy Markevicius, who put my name up to audition. 

From the L-plates on the opening night concert that COMPLETELY stressed me out, to working with choristers, trainers, and accompanists from all over South Australia, it got under my skin just how powerful music education is. It’s never left the bloodstream. Even seeing my piece with the familiar songbook print is a bit of a buzz!


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