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July 19, 2017 , , , , , ,

I am a school teacher on holidays and I can tell when I’m starting to wind up for school, because when I read in the mornings, my brain subconsciously says, “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Read faster! Get the storyline down! Turn the page! You can finish that today!”

And all at once, the whole POINT of reading (and life, dare I be a drama queen!?) is lost!

And I started thinking about how we LOVE things…the important people in our life, our clothes, our homes, our art, our creative endeavours, our stories. They don’t have the same delicious joy and meaning when they are not fully enjoyed, every corner, every crevice, every sound and resonance. What’s the point of reading a story that someone has crafted so carefully with their words, in exactly their own design and order, when we skip half the words? When we are so intent to the number of pages read, or getting through it because we needed to get back into reading and it was a best-seller? What’s the point of not completely wallowing in every nuance of the words and gathering their every meaning, if we’re going to read?

Memorable experiences only become memorable because of the beauty and force behind them. And actually, the pure presentness of getting to know a moment so that it’s lived-in and comfortably well-worn doesn’t take very long if we just let ourselves. When we’re counting the minutes, there’s no way we’re present for a hug. Or a conversation. But to really hear the resonance for someone’s words…that’s beautiful.

And what’s the point of buying more of a gadget, or a time-saver device, or another book, or bookmarking another page, if we just skim-read, skim-use, don’t figure out all the quirks?

Isn’t know the quirks, and holding them, knowing every side and corner, just a pure delight?

Yes, it can be monotonous. It can be so very ordinary. But that normalness in the ordinary, that quiet love and respect for space and time is what we so deeply crave as humans.

Read the words, exactly as they are written. If it takes you longer, that’s exactly the place you were meant to be. Drop the scarcity mindset, it robs us all of so much. Drink in that deliciousness of living the FIRST time, not through multiple, half-hearted scratchings and sips.

“Don’t hurry, but don’t stop”.

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