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How is it that some people can walk into a room, and somehow the room feels safer and warmer? Or lit up from their very selves?

And you feel warmer and somehow more for being in their presence? That you can share an idea or experience, and it will multiply in feeling and joy?

And how is it that other people, no matter how “correct or fitting” their words, no matter how properly they dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s” just make you want to subtly cross your arms to protect yourself? And that when they are near, you cocoon yourself a little more, verbally or physically?

It’s not that they are blatantly hurtful or negative; there is just something about them and how they talk where you can feel the life leave you, slowly, imperceptibly, drop by drop.

How is that so?

It MUST be to do with character and authenticity. It’s in all the words that are unspoken, it’s in the space between words + noise which builds connection, or keeps you on guard.

Being aware of it is a curious thing. When you’re in the middle of a busy week, especially in teaching, it’s so easy just to hear words. It’s easy enough just to work hard and get the job done.

But then, as today, an errant email about work comes through with just logistics, and I can feel my skin curl just a little because the oasis of calm and safety has been broken and I know I have to step into that world again soon. Not that it’s like going into battle; it’s just an “on guardness” that keeps you a little secure and boundaried, where your full sensitivity and light can’t shine through safely.

And then, there’s the truly beautiful people. When these people walk through the room, your heart expands. Everything relaxes. You might not talk to them, but knowing they are there in the room makes the room lighter, warmer, and safer. A rather wonderful joy and integrity shines from them. Quietly, loudly, playfully, it doesn’t matter. These sorts of people radiate goodness in their own style. They make the time and space around them make sense. They may be the most conventionally ordinary people; nothing fancy, bright, or attention-seeking about them. But everything about them is extraordinary, lit with integrity, warmth, and authenticity. Even on a bad day, you still feel safe within their presence.

Let me endeavour to be one of those people, who change the momentum of the world around me for the better.

I hope that I am the authentic guide, the sort of person who makes people feel safe and secure.

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