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we are so lucky and overflowing

October 21, 2017 , , , , , , , ,

We all are so unbelievably rich and blessed, but we so rarely see it all the time. How many of you have longed for that extra sweater, or that new book or lipstick, or that pair of shoes, notwithstanding all the beautiful clothes, books, and belongings you already have?

I am so guilty of this. Particularly at the end of a long week of teacher, and especially so when it’s been a challenging one where I have felt less than awesome. That tiny little extra trinket might make me feel a little better, no matter if I’m saving or on a budget!

But something amazing happens when you’re saving, or you’re consciously making decisions about how you spend your money, time, and energies. How many times have we any of us worn a beautiful sweater until it is ragged around the sleeves and smells of safety and home?

How many of us have used every beautiful piece of fruit or vegetable in our kitchens in ingenious ways, and savoured every mouthful? Brewed a fragrant cup of coffee with cream, rather than throwing one down, tasteless, from a takeaway cup? How many of us have re-read books with the same safety as walking down a known lane, but actually seen and felt the different nuances, and fallen in love with the words, the story, and found new understandings?

There is so much richness and beauty around us if we only look. We all have so much. So, so much. In possessions, in time, in love, and in life. Why should we want so much more only to dispose of it? What if we were to look deeply at what we have and create time for discovering new delight?

And achingly and poignantly, how many of us have loved and cared for a relationship or friendship like that raggedy worn sweater that smells like home? Or how many of us are guilty of skimming over the surface with superficial conversation and connection, in search of something shinier to catch our attention, rather than really, truely listening and loving?

When you really treasure something and give it time, care, or attention, extraordinary richness and joy can be found. We are all so extraordinarily rich and blessed, if we only could see it. There is so much value in simplicity, and seeing the value in the things we have, loving them with tenderness and new eyes.

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