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colourful gratitude

November 25, 2017 , , , , , , , ,

Bit of a cry-baby day.

Today, I watched my Year 6s “graduate” in their “Moving On” ceremony, and was so utterly proud of the beautiful young people they have grown into. The Year 6 class teachers this year are a total DREAM TEAM. And to watch them fly like homing pigeons to their parents with their letters of gratitude makes me teary every time, let alone this very special group.

And THEN, a beautiful combined thank you present from five of my Year 12s, this utterly gorgeous Tiff Manuell necklace, of which they invaded one of my lessons to give me. Let me tell you, I’m RELIEVED to find that FIVE of them had pooled their hard-earned money together, I couldn’t have accepted it from just one kid, these gorgeous necklaces are so expensive!

Thank you so much. An affecting, special, “rite of passage” sort of day. 

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