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perils of teaching…embracing the uterus!

December 1, 2017 , , , , , , ,

So I got henna-ed up at the Year 6 “Sideshow Shenanigans”, which is an awesome morning of games created by the Year 6s for the Prep School.

Paid $1.00 for my henna tattoo and chose a flower with little dots and swirls, which I thought was cute.

Looked at it closely at around lunchtime.

Have a look. HAVE A GOOD LOOK.

And you know what? The Year 6s running the stall helpfully + knowledgeably told me that this henna will last at least a week, two with proper care.

I’ve got Pulteney Celebrates + Lessons and Carols next week. I’m going to be conducting with a freakin’ uterus tattoo on my hand!

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