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a slow rise of courage

December 20, 2017 , , , , , , , ,

Fears will rise up, but they will fall away as well. I am standing straighter, stronger, and taller. And while things shake me – as they should if I am any ounce of a human being – I am less afraid of being shaken. Not because I am cast iron or Teflon-coated, no. I have a very great desire NEVER to be either of those and in fact, I think I am softer and more supple than ever before, with a heart that rises up so easily with joy, emotion, and gratitude. I just know that I will make it through all that which shakes and unsettles me, because I can cry and seek help, I can listen and reflect, I can lean into the discomfort, I can examine and pull back, I can hug and laugh, and I can practise courage of the highest sort.

I have all the tools I need to walk through whatever adversity is presented, knowing full well that I do not have to solve anything straight away, but that I have the capacity to solve it. And if I don’t? All I need to do is reach out and ask for help. Oh, the delicious joy of reaching out in humanness and brave need. Because I am all human, feeling and thinking, doing and being.

Why should I be in fear, when I need to walk through adversity and struggle anyway? Look struggle face on. What do you see? Pain, problem-solving, and strength unmeasured and untapped.

Walk into all of this with strong backbone, but open heart.

Stay open, stay open, stay in the heart, stay open. Even if it is by millimetres, stay open.

Don’t numb the journey if you can take one more step.

The most amazing learning happens when you sit side by side with the impossible, and ask it questions. Quietly, audaciously, whatever your take on adversity and problem-solving entail.

And I always am moved with sheer wonder at how my heart finds its equilibrium.

And that, actually, I need to step up and challenge the challenge right back. 

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