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teacher diary 2018: whistle & birch

December 23, 2017 , , , , ,

Oh my goodness, it’s HERE! 

Front cover. My name!


Oh my goodness, it’s HERE!

I. L O V E. I T. 😍

Thank you so much to my 3 gorgeous god-girlies, Vanessa, Chloe, and Mels for being co-conspirators in assembling and ordering this amazing diary. This is the ultimate personalised 2018 teacher diary for Auntie Annie Gu-Gu, who quotes “Dead Poet’s Society” like the bible, and can lip-sync every word to “School of Rock”.

Back cover. The quote that I live by. 


And T H A N K Y O U to my cousins, Ian + Bianca, and Peter + Shelley, for raising 3 such truly beautiful little people.

I’m so lucky to be your “Cool Western Auntie” for whom you go to with your “Western People Problems”!

And the quotes inside to keep me buoyant. 

Your thoughts?

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