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time begats clarity

January 15, 2018 , , , , , , ,

I feel like I’ve caught honesty by the toe and I do not dare let go. I’ve never had such a period of time where my voice, my words, and my written prose have all matched so much. So completely and authentically. This is what I’ve longed for, this level of clarity of thought. I feel like rather than stuffing potato chips by the tri-layer in my mouth, I am savouring a perfect bite. An amuse bouche of life.

I read sentences that make sense, I can hold a thread. I start work, and while inspiration does NOT always follow me, I am sure of my concentration, being able to work well, and that an idea will emerge from the rubble. I am problem-solving with curiosity, rather than hurried alacrity. I am interested. I play the piano and it’s not because I have hurdles to jump, it’s because I am so utterly curious about how this idea sounds with notes, how this phrase forms when under my fingers. I have things to say, clearly and simply. There is a continuous thread of though, borne out of passing through incredible moments of internal noise and doubt. Words have light and shade, conversations feel crystal clear rather than darting, breathless fragments. I can feel traction, pacing, learning, progress.

Thank you for this clarity.

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